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Flood Cleanup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  Nov 4 2019

Flood Cleanup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Heavy rains and high tides are major causes of flood in homes and business the environment. When this happens, you may decide to use household cleaning items to clean up the water or call a flood and water damage restoration specialist. However, it’s best to use the expertise of a professional that can inspect every detail of the home and provide services accordingly.

Irrespective of the cleaning technique, many property owners, especially those living in a flood-prone area does make several mistakes in which lack of preparation is the biggest.

Preparation includes having appropriate insurance, knowledge of escape route, the contact information of a loved one in case of emergency. It’s can even be necessary to have a reliable local restoration specialist that can come to the rescue.

Before getting into common mistakes during flood periods, it’s crucial to have a dependable water damage restoration specialist that you can call even at a moment’s notice.

Connect with professionals at Tidal Wave Response when you need to clean up, sanitize and restore your home or business space. Once we receive your emergency request, we’ll assemble a team that’ll come on-site with the right tools and equipment to restore your facility.

Contact Tidal Wave Response today for professional and reliable services.

Stalling before cleanup

Cleanup and restoration process should commence within the first 48 hours after water damage. Failure to do this can subject your home or business to complete water submersion, structural damage as well as the destruction of plumbing fixtures, gas lines, wiring, septic system and other systems.

Simply put, many items will be damaged the longer they sit in water. Therefore, do not stall before you contact a water damage restoration specialist. This will help you salvage items that can be extracted, sanitized and restored quickly.

Working in a flooded area

As soon as flooding occurs, the affected area should be deemed a potential disaster zone. There is always a form of hazards happening beneath the standing water.

Therefore, it’s best to stop all activities until all possible health and sanitation issues have been rectified. This will help prevent electrical shocks, bacteria and chemical contamination, slips and falls, gas leaks as well as other related dangers.

Using the wrong cleanup and techniques

Water damage tends to penetrate walls and flooring quickly. Therefore, trying to soak up the water with rags will not get the job done. Though everyday cleaning items such as brooms, mops and towel may save you cost, however, not much will get done.

That’s why it’s vital to work with a professional water restoration company that can get the job done right the first time. Restoration specialists usually have professional-grade equipment and tools that can clean and disinfect the area in a fraction of time it will take using household cleaning items.

Professional and efficient water damage restoration

When you need efficient flood cleanup and restoration services, connect with professional Tidal Wave Response for prompt and thorough services. We employ experienced specialists and commercial-grade equipment that can even detect water traces beneath the flooring and inside the walls.

Contact Tidal Wave Response today for efficient and professional flood cleanup services that you can count on. 

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