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Emergency Service

Our Sewage Removal and Cleanup Process

Sewage Removal

When a toilet gets clogged or sewers back up, unsanitary and potentially dangerous raw sewage can enter your home. We are experienced at removing, cleaning, and sanitizing sewage from your property.

Tidal Wave Response uses only proper equipment and certified, uniformed professionals to handle the sewage drying and removal process. Our restoration crews will repair what they can and replace what cannot be fixed.

Sewage Cleanup & Restoration

We provide top-of-the-line sewage damage cleaning and restoration for your home and property. When it comes to handling your sewage overflow cleanup, you don’t want to hire just any sewage cleanup company. Our experience in dealing with insurance adjusters and our expertise in raw sewage cleanup will have your home back to normal within 7 – 10 days.

Our sewage cleanup and restoration process:

We remove as much standing water and sewage as possible, and ventilate the property.

We remove sewage-damaged carpet, padding, furniture, and other affected items, then dispose of these items properly.

We remove any drywall, electronics, plaster, or other structural elements for proper disposal.

We sanitize the areas affected using specialized cleaning equipment.

We use speed dryers to push the moisture out of the building.

We deodorize all affected areas. We use Ultra Low Volume foggers that produce a mist that penetrates odorous areas that can be sprayed into rooms, walls, and other hard to reach places.

We use dehumidifiers to lower the relative humidity and increase the rate of evaporation.

We reconstruct and restore what can be repaired.

Sewage backup cleaning is a difficult process, and one you won’t want to do alone. We are experts in getting your property clean and restored back to its original condition following sewage damage.

Tidal Wave Response provides a complete start to finish service of sewage cleanup and removal, damage repair, and restoration and reconstruction. We work directly with your insurance adjuster to make sure you get the most from your insurance company for cleanup and restoration.