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Should I Install a Home Fire Sprinkler System?

  Apr 12 2020

Should I Install a Home Fire Sprinkler System?

Smoke and fire detectors are wonderful devices to warn you of an emergency and urge you to evacuate the building, but they do not take the next step of suppressing the fire. Though you can always call fire damage restoration experts like those at Tidal Wave Response, proactivity and prevention is better than fire damage repair. 

A fire sprinkler system plays the role of detecting and suppressing the fire, extinguishing the fire or containing it within as little as two minutes, saving you from costly damages. In fact, homes with a fire sprinkler system experience nine times less fire damage than those without one. This also translates into a higher chance of surviving a fire. In short, a fire sprinkler system can save your property and life from fire. However, is it worth installing a home fire sprinkler system?

Am I Required to Have A Home Fire Sprinkler System?

A few states such as California, Maryland, and Washington D.C. have laws in place that require fire sprinklers in new one- and two-family homes while many other cities nationwide have local laws requiring it. However, there is national conversation about requiring them in every new home and we believe that the number of states requiring a fire sprinkler system will grow.

Won’t My House Be Extensively Damaged by The Water Sprinklers?

A common fear among people who are interested in installing fire sprinkler systems is the water damage that results from the sprinklers going off. However, we say that the choice between a puddle of water and a pile of ashes is an easy one. Still, let’s dive deeper into this concern. The fire will have to be put out one way or another. A fire hose used by firefighters dispense as much as 250 gallons of water per minute. In fact, a fire hose delivers eight to ten times as much water than a water sprinkler. Further, a fire hose floods a house with broad sweeps of water while water sprinklers are targeted and usually only activate in areas that set off the heat-sensor. All in all, water sprinkles WILL cause damage, but the alternatives are much more devastating.

Benefits of A Home Fire Sprinkler System

Adding a home fire sprinkler system is naturally going to cost you some money initially, but the benefits are many. The ongoing maintenance, testing, and annual inspections may feel like a nuisance, but as you will learn, the benefits will save you time and money in the future:

  • A fire sprinkler can extinguish or contain a fire within two minutes.
  • Adding a fire sprinkler system makes your home safer.
  • Home insurance companies may provide discounts for home with sprinklers.
  • You are likely to experience up to ten times less damage if you have sprinklers installed.
  • Home sprinkler system can add to the resale value of your home and its attractiveness to buyers.

If you have fire or water damage, then be sure to take care of it as soon as possible. Neglecting fire damage repair can intensify the damage and make repairs more expensive. Call the professionals at Tidal Wave Response to learn about our services and affordable prices.

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