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Water Damage Clean Up Services Homes & Businesses in Atlanta GA

Water damage can be devastating to any property. Left untreated, even a small leak can lead to larger problems down the line. The longer that water remains on a property or incompletely dried, the more chance that long-term damages such as mold and mildew, structural problems, or electrical damages can occur.

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Has a leaking pipe caused damage to your property? Did a recent flood leave water in your basement? Tidal Wave Response assesses damage from:

Burst pipes
Leaking pipes
Pipe failure
Flood damage
Leaks under the foundation
Mold and mildew damage
Wet walls
And more…


Water damage becomes worse the longer it is left untreated, causing additional damages that can quickly lead to increased costs. Our guide, What to Do During a Water Emergency, will help you minimize damage to your home while our specialists are on the way.

When disaster strikes…

Why call Tidal Wave first instead of my Insurance Company?

When Tidal Wave assists you in submitting your claim, the coverage amount is guaranteed…


What Others Have Said About Us

  • My central air conditioning drain got clogged and my lower level of my home got soaked. I am talking carpeting, baseboards and bathroom vinyl. I called a plumber and I was told that it was an air conditioning issue. So I called a repairman for that issue. He rectified the issue which still left me in water. This has never happened to me before, so I was lost as to what to do next. I remembered before the plumber left, he handed me a business card for Tidal Wave Response. I called and spoke to John Myers the owner. He told me about the services that his company performs. I asked him to please send a crew over. The speed in which they responded was incredible. While Rob and I were upstairs filling out paperwork and taking to the insurance company, the response crew took up the soaked carpeting, removed baseboards, vinyling and doors. They discarded all of the soaked items and deployed blowers to get everything dried. The concrete slab needed to fully dry out. Two days later, a gentleman came through with some samples for me to pick out. I can now breathe again due to the rapid response and professionalism of Tidal Wave Response. With the age of social media, there is no need to pick a company based on a blind search. Check the ratings and read the testimonials. I work in project management and in most cases the only time anyone writes anything about a company it is when the are not pleased, BUT I am EXTREMELY pleased with Tidal Wave Response. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't Tidal Wave Response Response.

    Herman Bolds
  • I was recommended this company from a plumber who worked on my house this morning. Within about 2 hours, Johnny and Colin came and looked around the area and told me that I was lucky that the damage was not big enough to acquire any professional services. They gave me instructions on how to fix the issue myself, answered all my questions and did not charge me a dime. Not even a travel cost!, even though they drove about an hour to get here. I am very impressed with their integrity and honesty. I would definitely use and recommend this company again. Very professional and friendly! Thank you!

    Sean Kim
  • We have a burst pipe in the finished basement. Our insurance company was ready to send multiple contractors to run the repairs, but we contacted Tidal Wave Response first. They came to our house after regular business hours and made an assessment. The plumbing crew was on site the next day and repaired the burst pipe, that was priority number one. We are now working though the reconstruction phase. John and the crew at Tidal Wave are professional and very easy to work with. They are helping us with our insurance claim. I definitely recommend Tidal Wave for this type of repair.

    Billy Hawkins
  • The Tidal Wave team saved my home! The team was out to the house within 45 minutes. Everyone acted with professionalism and showed great empathy for our situation. The work completed after dry out was flawless, almost to the point it may even look better. Thank you Tidal Wave!

    Jeremy Usery
  • Couldn't have asked for a better company. Our house flooded because of factors beyond our control and tidal wave response was the only company that answered that day. Thank goodness they did. The company that my insurance company suggested and sent out looked so unprofessional and didn't have our best interest at heart. Johnny really made us feel comfortable and we knew instantly we were in good hands. Our house flooded a second time a few weeks later and Anthony from tidal wave came to the rescue. He was professional, through, and warm. We didn't have to worry about reliability with him because his actions and follow through showed us that he had it handled. Thank goodness for good businesses still running and employees who work hard and make painful situations a cake walk.

    Cyco Extreme Bowen
  • Johnny and staff are so great to work with. Within a week we went from rooms flooded to dried out with a repaired ceiling, carpet put back and cleaned, and new tile in our laundry room. You would never know a flood happened in our home. Tidal Wave takes care of it all when you are in need. We were so impressed with the service and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks Tidal Wave for your care and service when we were in need.

  • Came to my house or in the afternoon when my HVAC drain line and overfilled my master bedroom ceiling flooded my carpet came down through the inside of my living room. Title wave came to the rescue

    Ashley Hill
  • (updated) John and his team were top notch in terms of response time and overall customer service. I have been nothing but impressed with the level of service and friendly staff. Hoping I don't have water damage again but if I do my first and only call will be to John and his team at TWR.

    Tray Chamberlin
  • We have been in our new for only a month and had a major water blockage in our plumbing, causing our basement to flood. Before our plumber even left our house (at 12:30 am), Tidal Wave Response was on the phone there to answer all of my questions and confirm I would be contacted the following morning. Jon (the owner) contacted me immediately the next morning, and had a 'first responder' to my house within 20 minutes. Michael (the 'first responder') was very professional and walked us through every step of the clean-up and restoration process. He even contacted my insurance company on my behalf so submit the insurance claim, which made the entire process very easy. Tidal Wave Response is the definition of Professionalism and Customer Service, and I look forward to working with them as we get our basement back in order. Five Stars!

    Justin Brodsky
  • John, the owner, was incredible. He came straight from the airport to our house to help us. We have a 14 month old and needed help asap. They got straight on it and handled everything incredibly easy. Thank you all so so much. I really don't know any owner that would do something like that.

    Kelly Chappuis
  • Called about a water heater that burst in my basement and immediately got a phone call back from the owner...sent him photos and he explained exactly what was going on...we talked for 10-15 min on the phone. He was super honest and told me that he would refer me to a great plumber to save me some money. He didn't even get a penny from this job, but still made sure that we were taken care of which was much appreciated. We had the job taken care of within an hour. I will definitely be calling these guys if I ever need them in the future! Thanks y'all!

    Abby King
  • Had a reputred pipe in the wall State Farms highly recommended Tidal Wave Response my basement was flooded Tidal Wave came out dryer out my home meet the Adjuster with State Farm got all my repaired approved Thank you Jonny and Colin. Great Job!

    Tiffiney Jenkins