Water and Sewage Damage

15-25 Minute Response Time

15-25 Minute Response Time

Water Damage Clean Up Services

Homes & Businesses in Atlanta GA

Water damage can be devastating to any property. Left untreated, even a small leak can lead to larger problems down the line. The longer that water remains on a property or incompletely dried, the more chance that long-term damages such as mold and mildew, structural problems, or electrical damages can occur.

Flood Damage Restoration

Has a leaking pipe caused damage to your property? Did a recent flood leave water in your basement? Tidal Wave Response assesses damage from:

Burst & leaking pipes​
Pipe failure​
Flood damage​
Wet walls​
Leaks under the foundation​
Mold and mildew damage​

15-25 Minute Response

Water damage becomes worse the longer it is left untreated, causing additional damages that can quickly lead to increased costs. Our guide, What to Do During a Water Emergency, will help you minimize damage to your home while our specialists are on the way.

Got pipe leak, flood or any other water and sewage damage emergency? Call: (770) 693-4568.

Sewage Damage Clean Up Services

Homes & Businesses in Atlanta GA

Don’t let a sewer backup ruin your property. Tidal Wave Response responds quickly 24/7 to your home or business sewage drainage emergencies. Our trained and experienced technicians will quickly remove sewage from your property, then restore the area to its original condition.

Bathroom Floods, Broken Toilets

Did your toilet back up? Is there a sewage backup in your basement? Call us first. We assess damage from:
Sewer backup in basement
Floor drain backups
Clogged toilets and toilet backups
Sewage clogged in pipes
Sewer line backups
Septic tank and system backups

15-25 Minute Response

We dry, clean, and repair all damaged areas during our sewage restoration process. For most cases, we will finish cleanup and restoration within 7 – 10 days. We provide a free, no obligation assessment for sewer backup, cleanup, and restoration services. While you are waiting for our specialists to arrive at your Atlanta area property, check out our guide on What to Do During a Sewage Emergency.

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