Emergency Service

Emergency Service

We typically have properties fully restored in 7-10 days.

  1. Emergency 30-Minute Response

    – One of our emergency water damage restoration experts arrives in 30 minutes or less to all Atlanta suburbs.

  2. Free, No Obligation Assessment

    – We perform a free water damage and moisture assessment to locate all affected areas using moisture meters and thermal infrared cameras.

  3. Insurance Claim Approval

    – We work with your insurance provider to process the claim and ensure maximum coverage for your loss.

  4. Removal and Cleanup

    – We remove all water and sewage (if applicable) from your property, and perform mold remediation to prevent mold from growing. We dry and clean all elements, including ceilings, walls, floors, air ducts, carpets, furniture, upholstery, and personal belongings.

  5. Walkthrough with Adjuster

    – After 3-5 days, our water and sewage damage expert meets with the insurance adjuster to conduct a water damage walk-through at your property. During this meeting, they will identify and document damages and create a detailed work plan for restoration and reconstruction.

  6. Restoration and Reconstruction

    – Once the restoration plan is approved, our crew begins the water damage restoration process. This process usually takes about 2-6 days for most jobs, but may be more or less depending on the extent of the water damage. Water damage reconstruction involves the replacement or restoration of all damaged elements including cabinets, floors, walls, furniture, and much more to their original condition.

Tidal Wave Response typically has properties fully restored within 7-10 days. This number may vary depending on the extent of the water damage.