What to Expect

15-25 Minute Response Time

15-25 Minute Response Time

Our Water Removal and Dry Out Process

The first step of any water restoration is to remove and dry water from the property. Tidal Wave Response uses only proper equipment and certified, uniformed professionals to handle the water drying and removal process.

By using the right tools and expert techniques, we are able to save time and maximize insurance financing. Timely mitigation is important, but it is more important that our specialists know how to dry your building and personal property the right way the first time.

What to Expect During the Water Remediation Process

Water damage can be caused by both water and moisture in the air. Our understanding of psychometrics – the study of air, temperature, humidity, vapor pressure, and the dew point – allows us to assess conditions in the building and create the best drying atmosphere. We then control the temperature and humidity levels to create the optimal drying environment. This process also reduces the chance of secondary damages from occurring.

Every situation is different. That’s why Tidal Wave Response creates individualized action plans for efficient and effective water damage cleanup and restoration. In general, each plan includes the following steps.

Infrared cameras can detect moisture that is hidden behind walls and in ceilings. Addressing all hidden locations of water is essential to prevent mold and mildew, structural damage, odors, and more.

Moisture detectors measure saturation levels, allowing us to determine the extent of damage.

We remove as much standing water as possible using specially-designed tools. This step is essential to prevent additional damage as well as mold and mildew growth. Our water extraction tools include:

The Hydro X Extreme Extractor: Used for heavy-duty water removal, this tool can remove large amounts of water in just three passes.

The Water Claw: A manual water extraction tool that is perfect for tight or hard-to-reach places such as closets and bathrooms. Its light wands reduce water accumulation in carpets and flooring.

We put aside damaged contents. For your protection, we separate damaged contents for evaluation by the insurance adjuster. Once they have been assessed and documented, we begin the restoration process.

We move furniture to a safe area or place them on elevated supports. This step allows the floors to dry and also protects your furniture from further damage.

If needed, we remove water damaged carpet and padding in order to allow the sub-floor to dry. Your specialist will determine if this step is necessary.

We extract moisture from the structure and sub floor by using speed dryers to keep air circulating.

We use dehumidifiers to absorb and control moisture levels in the air. Dehumidifiers can be treated with desiccants that accelerate the rate of evaporation.

Even if a surface may appear dry, it may not be thoroughly dry. Specialized monitoring equipment helps us keep track of the dry out process.

It doesn’t take long for odors to settle into a space that is affected by water damage. Our Ultra Low Volume Foggersproduce a light mist that penetrates odors before they take hold in rooms, walls, carpets, and hard to reach places.
We then utilize a variety of water removal techniques to ensure that your home is thoroughly sanitized and dry.

Hot water cleaning: Hot water temperatures kills microbes and sanitizes the carpets at the same time. This method thoroughly cleans and removes dirt and debris from your carpets.

Dry washing: Targets and removes stains from the carpet, and may be used on select locations or larger areas. Dry washing techniques include foam, bonnet, and shampooing.

8-Year Guarantee With Tidal Wave Response

Tidal Wave Response monitors the drying process until the entire process is complete. You can rest easy knowing that all of our work comes with a 8-year guarantee, as mandated by Georgia law. Contact us today and request an estimate: (770) 693-4568.

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